Act Settlement Services, LLC

Family Run Small Business!

While everyone is racing to expand and capture an entire market, our focus is on the client experience and making sure they are educated throughout the process.

We work with every real estate situation beginning with a simple lot purchase, refinance, 1st time homebuyer, all the way through the most complex multi-million dollar commercial property.

Our goal is to work with all parties to a real estate transaction and make sure they are communicated with throughout the process and walk away feeling their voice was heard.

Our licensing and team are prepared to work the various nuisances in Florida, New Jersey and our home state of Pennsylvania.

William J Thompson Jr.

Founder of ACT Settlement Services, LLC

Prior to launching Act Settlement Services, LLC, I decided in 2017, to launch the personal brand known as Billtitlepro to bring attention to the title insurance industry. With over 20 years of combined real estate and industry experience, I caught the eye of the owner of Alliance Property Transfer LLC. My presence caused the business to thrive closing over $6 Million in Real Estate in the first Month.

While the interest rates were historically low any agency could handled tons of residential refinances. As the real estate market returns to a normal pace, my focus shifted more closely to the guiding principles of customer service, loyalty, and compliance with the industry Standard of Best Practices.

BILLTITLEPRO's Mission is to make every client feel like his #1 and only client.

ALTA HOP Certified Leader

Title Agent in FL, NJ, and PA

Meet the Team

Angela Thompson


Beth Thompson

Client Experience Manager

Beth joined the ACT team in November 2021. She has over 20 years of experience in customer services. For the past 6 year, she has worked in auto insurance selling auto policies and most recently working in subrogation. Before working in auto insurance, she worked for a credit union, handling members calls and taking personal loan applications.

When asked by Bill to join his team, she couldn't refuse the opportunity to help grown this family business. She is now apart of the team to help make sure every closing goes as smoothly as possible.

More about the Founder

Billtitlepro Thompson is the founder and owner of Act Settlement Services, LLC and widely known as The Investor Friendly Title Agent. Over the past 2 decades he has worked with thousands of clients ranging from 1st time homeowners to world class developers. After closing over $3 Billion in Real Estate, the passion is stronger than ever to share time with investors of all levels.

While time may be limited, our dedicated team allows Billtitlepro Thompson to give the same attention to first time investors buying a row home as well as the real estate developers expanding into the multi-family arena. His skill of working with real estate investors was sharpened over 3 years as REO Closer during the Great Crash of 2008. His passion for the tough work of short sales got him the attention of and employment with a real estate developer.

Billtitlepro Thompson learned the secret to success is to treat all with tremendous respect and be grateful for all life provides.

Bonus - The Investor Friendly Title Agent upon request will connect you with lending sources, honest contractors, and other real estate investors that will share stories and resources.

What Drives Billtitlepro Thompson?

1. The excitement of the deal. I love seeing the amazing purchases and the upside of that diamond in the rough.

2. The relationships. 99% of real estate investors purchase more than 1 property and after multiple transactions we get to learn about each other's lives and in many cases become friends.

3. The #’s. Small deals are great but I love the multi comma deals. Largest to date is $45 Million. Bring me that 9 figure deal!

4. Passion for the industry. I have been blessed to wear many hats, so share perspective keeps me going.

5. My Family. I am blessed to have a beautiful wife, amazing step-daughter, and my son!!!

Final Question

Recently, a real estate investor asked me what do you invest in?

I invest in 3 core areas, my family time, my employees health and well being and the success of Act Settlement Services, LLC.