Title Services

  • Work personally with all parties in a transaction

  • Receive your order for escrow and title services

  • Order the preliminary searches on subject property; examination of searches and preparation of Title Report

  • Review the survey and other documents, if needed

  • Coordinate Inspections

  • Inspection Coordination

  • Meticulously review all pre-closing matters

  • Prepare escrow instructions and required documents

  • Order demands on existing mortgages, deeds of trust and liens or judgments, if any

  • Gather all closing cost information

  • Prepare all closing documents

  • Conduct the closing

  • Coordinate with any applicable 3rd party qualified intermediary

  • Collect and disburse all monies

  • Complete all post-closing detail

  • Issue title insurance policy/policies

  • First Time Home Buyers

  • Veterans - VA loans

  • FHA Loans

  • FHA 203K Loans

  • USDA Rural Housing Loans

  • Reverse Mortgages

  • Private Money

  • Hard Money

  • Commercial Purchase Ranging from $50k-$41.5 Million

  • 1-4 Family Units

  • Multi-Units up to 600

  • Banked Owned Properties.

  • Auction Sold properties

  • Investment Properties

  • Wholesale Deals

  • Land, Condos, Townhouses, Lake Front, Beach Front

  • 1031 Exchanges

  • Tenants in Common

  • Blanket loan or Cross Collateral

  • Estates, Trust, LLC, Corps

  • Multi-State

For Sale by Owner

We have teamed up with Attorney Steven Brown to provide real estate services in this unique scenario.
What’s included

Real Estate Deed Preparation*



Prepare Offer, Agreement of Sale and Deed*



Prepare Offer, Agreement of Sale, Deed, and attend settlement*



Additional Documentation, Addendums, or extensive negotiations may result in additional hourly rate



FSBO Service covers entire state of Pennsylvania